Inspiriert vom ewigen Wandel und den Formkräften der Natur transformiere ich mittels Wiederholung und Variation eine organische Grundlinie in fliessend räumliche Zeichnungen.

Mirjam Beerli

Mirjam Beerli is a swiss artist. She works in Basel and Tschlin in the Lower Engadin.

With the help of repetitive line drawing, Beerli creates fine-spun, organic structures that visualize changing life in all its transcendent beauty.

From the interplay of repetition and variation, of concept and change, drawn organisms emerge that invite the viewer to explore the relationship between movement and material.

Mirjam Beerli set out on her artistic career by studying art education at what is now the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel. A visit to a noteworthy exhibition by Martin Disler changed all this, and Beerli decided to try her hand as an artist herself. The decision was followed by years of deep artistic engagement, the first exhibitions, and sales of her works which led to a series of art scholarships. The most notable one in Rome in 1989/90 which allowed her to search into the city’s underlying architectural structures. From a hike up to the Furka pass in the Swiss Alps, Beerli brought home with her three pieces of slate; this marked the start of her impressive graphic work, in which she explores nature’s law of forms and inherent design principles. Through systematically and repeatedly tracing the outlines of the stones and then shifting them slightly, they are gradually transformed into dense drawings.

Mirjam Beerli looks back on a row of successful shows, including solo exhibitions at the CentrePasquArt Biel and the Löwen Galerie in Chur as well as various group exhibitions, among them Swiss in Hong Kong at the Museum of Modern Art Hong Kong, Von ordentlichen und unordentlichen Ordnungen at the Kunstmuseum Olten, and Emma Kunz und Gegenwartskunst – Zahl, Rhythmus, Wandel at the Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte Appenzell.

For many years, Beerli was also engaged in corporate promotion of art and culture, among other things as head of UBS Culture Sponsoring and as executive manager of UBS Culture Foundation.

Today, Mirjam Beerli switches between Basel and Tschlin in the Lower Engadin. W here she continues to explore and trace nature’s animate structures and focuses on further developing her technique of rhythmical drawing for the sake of creating transparent spatialities.

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Mirjam Beerli
Sevogelstrasse 102
CH-4052 Basel
+41 76 323 44 08

Benzburgweg 18
CH-4410 Liestal